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Programmed to Kill,
my latest offering, takes the reader on a dark and troubling journey over some rough, and likely unfamiliar, terrain. Just as Understanding the F-Word was an alternative look at twentieth-century American political history, Programmed to Kill is an alternative look at violent crime in twentieth-century America. This may seem, at first glance, like a radical departure from my previous books -- until one realizes that in this modern world that we inhabit, there is no discernible difference between crime and politics. If you aren't yet convinced of that, you might be after you finish reading this book.

Understanding the F-Word
, a disturbing look at twentieth-century American history, was published two months before the September 11 attacks.

Table of Contents
Chapter 3: The One-Party State?
Chapter 7: World War II, Through the Looking Glass
Chapter 10: The Boy King, 1901-1909
Chapter 28: Lies My Psychology Professors Taught Me
Chapter 29: Genomes and Eugenics

Click here to read an online review by Canadian writer Stephen Gowans.

Derailing Democracy
, my first literary effort, was published in March 2000.

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"The greatest book of the year."
William Blum

"A shocking revelation, a rich treasure of taboo information and criticism about the undemocratic repression, militarism and aggression perpetrated by U.S. elites at home and abroad. Every American should read Derailing Democracy."
Michael Parenti